Wither Moravia?

I have been spending a fair amount of time reading, with the intent that some background will fuel creativity in adventures and setting. Here I speak specifically about The Dee Sanction. At heart, the setting revolves around the travels of Doctor Dee and Edward Kelley in Eastern Europe. The good … Continue ReadingWither Moravia?

Playtesting at Dragonmeet: The Table

Looks like we’re still in the early stages of playing The Holy Wax Infant of Prague. Trouble has yet to brew as the stalwart seekers of truth and justice, in the service of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I, her spymaster Francis Walsingham, and the all-seeing Doctor John Dee.


The 214 system is the heart of both Complex 214 and The Dee Sanction, games of suspicion, paranoia and intrigue in very differing settings. Complex 214 takes places in a world of dystopian certainty. Tales of a dystopia driven by fear, bureaucracy and a low level of life expectancy. Born from vats, trained … Continue Reading214