Hell’s Bells and Buckets

The Dee Sanction released in April, won the Best New RPG judges’ award at UK Games Expo at the beginning of August, and successfully funded a print edition of six Adventures in September, which sees face-to-face release to customers at Dragonmeet the first weekend of December. That’s a lot to happen in a year for a game that’s been gestating for something like eight years!

Better yet, The Dee Sanction has received a number of solid reviews — both for the Core Rules and the Adventures — in the past few weeks, both in first impressions and unboxings, and more indepth analysis. Not only that, but a lot of games have been popping up at conventions, which always bodes well for interest in the game as more than just a shelf filler!

Thanks to everyone who created these reviews — follow the links to the source sites for full information and more great content from these gamers.

Yet Another Unprofessional Unboxing

Bud’s RPG Review

Geek Native

Review of The Dee Sanction Core Rules

Signals from Delta Pavonis

Review of The Dee Sanction: Adventures Kickstarter fulfilment

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