Adventures and Abaddons

The Dee Sanction: Adventures sees release this month, and I’m really pleased to see a release using the Third-Party Licence under the title Abaddon’s Puppet.

The Dee Sanction: Core Rules and my well-beaten proof of Adventures


Adventures features six investigations — both in London and across the countryside of Tudor England. The adventure is available in All Rolled Up’s web store now in both print and PDF, and will see face-to-face release at Dragonmeet.

Ex Libris — Written by Paul Baldowski, Illustrated by Evlyn Moreau, Cartography by Paul Baldowski

In 1593, the Agents of Dee set out to Deptford in search of a lost remnant from the sacking of Mortlake, Dee’s home. The paper trail indicates the owner of a home in Deptford village received an annotated copy of The Book of Dead Names, and Dee wants it back.

The problem? He isn’t the only one who wants it.

Window of the Soul — Writing, Illustration and Cartography by Paul Baldowski

While there’s nothing like Southwark for an evening of entertainments in the drinking holes, brothels and bear-baiting pits, the Agents of Dee find their evening interrupted by a brawl in the street that takes a disturbing turn.

There’s more afoot than drunken revelry, it would seem, but can the Agents uncover the threat before it escalates beyond their control.

The Gong Scourer’s Baby — Written by Paul Baldowski, Cartography by Dyson Logos

The Queen has taken ill and departed London, along with Dee, on the advice of her close counsel. Before he departs, Dee requests that the Agents investigate a miracle baby, born to a Gong Scourer in Southwark. While the babe might be a hoax, the trail leads into a darker place and an unholy plot.

The Monk’s Cowl — Written by Paul Baldowski

Henry Denny, the leaseholder of Waltham manor, sends word of a monstrous threat harrowing travellers passing through Waltham Forest. John Dee sends the Agents to the market town of Waltham Abbey to investigate. As one of the favoured hunting grounds of the Queen, the Agents must resolve the matter with haste—who would dare to disappoint Her Majesty?

The Harrowing of Harlow Hall — Written by Richard August, Cartography by Paul Baldowski

“A former agent hath shewn himself to be in league with ruinous powers. Investigate and deal with him, as thou deem most fit.” Doctor Dee sends the Agents to investigate the grounds and owner of Harlow Hall.

In Fertile Soil — Written by Paul Baldowski

Charged with investigating a potential target for recruitment into the Sanction, the Agents travel to the tiny village of Soulgrave where a woman stands accused of killing a newborn through an act of witchcraft. But did she? The Agents must determine the truth of the matter even as the villagers gather kindling and sticks for the pyre…

The book includes a range of maps and hand-outs, as well as a short section on using the adventures as the basis of a campaign.

Abaddon’s Puppet

Which, as it happens, is something that this third-party licenced adventure — Abaddon’s Puppet — does, too. Written by Steve Hatherley, the adventure outlines a heinous plot that can become part of a campaign and include some of the existing investigations. Steve has written about his process with running The Dee Sanction on his blog.

In February 1587, Elizabeth I had Mary Queen of Scots executed, an event that eventually led to the attempted Spanish invasion of Britain in 1588. Before that, however, King Philip of Spain plotted to have Elizabeth overthrown in favour of her Catholic cousin.

This is one of those plots.

If you have already picked up Adventures or the individual investigations available on DriveThruRPG, you will appreciate the terse guidance of this adventure. Distilled into timeline, clues, personalities and locations, it’s a concise frame for adventure.

Available on itch, now.

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  1. Randy Shipp says:

    I just picked up Abbadon’s Puppet, and I can say it was a great decision to allow third party stuff. It looks incredible.


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