Cthulhu Hack on Bundle of Holding

I wanted to let you all know that the awesome Bundle of Holding launched a nearly complete PDF bundle for my multi-award-winning horror role-playing game Cthulhu Hack. And for good measure, there’s the already-award-winning The Dee Sanction in there, too.

The Bundle includes ELEVEN investigations of cosmic horror — and 10% of your payment (after gateway fees) will be donated to Beechwood Cancer Care, which offers specialist support for those living with a life-limiting illness.

As someone who might have picked up The Dee Sanction or backed one of the Kickstarters, this is your opportunity to get pretty much everything for THE OTHER GAME at a bargain price. If you opt for the threshold price or higher to access the bonus collection you will have NINE whole adventures plus a copy of The Dee Sanction.

Writing The Cthulhu Hack for the last five years provided some essential lessons in style, content and mechanics that fed into the release of the Core Book for Dee. Investigators have the same opportunity for discovery and fatality as Agents of Dee with a skew into cosmic horror. Many of the adventures feature the same kind of shades of grey decision making, that tests the morals and the mettle of the characters.

STARTER COLLECTION (US$5.95 – retail value $25)

  • The Cthulhu Hack Core Book (retail price $7.50)
  • Gamemaster’s Reference ($1)
  • Nocturnal Rites Quickstart + character sheet
  • The Dark Brood ($5)
  • Forgotten Duty ($5)
  • 3 Cthulhu Hack mini-sourcebooks (total retail $7.50) — which includes From Unformed Realms ($5), Rhan-Tegoth ($1.50), Strange Materials ($1)

BONUS COLLECTION(threshold starts at $14.95 – additional retail value $52.50)

  • The Dee Sanction Core Rules ($9.50)
  • NINE Cthulhu Hack investigations in five books (total retail $43) — Haunter of the Dark, Mother’s Love, Three Faces of the Wendigo, Thro’ Centuries Fixed, Valkyrie Nine

That’s a total retail value of $77.50 including more than a dozen adventures plus two fast and flavoursome tabletop role-playing games.

Check out the Bundle of Holding soon—the offer ends on 21st October

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