Five Days for Kickstarter and DriveThru

Until September 15, 2021, DriveThruRPG has a September Historical Settings Sale that feels very much like it’s in our wheelhouse!
For anyone longing to give the game a try, you can grab the PDF of The Dee Sanction Core Rules for $7.17 (about 25% off the standard price).

In addition, you can get the first three adventures, supernatural supplement The Sight, character journal The Book of Days, and the bestiary expansion The Leaf Ire all at a similar discounted price in this limited time offer.

Coincidentally, the September Historical Settings Sale ends about the same time as the current Kickstarter for The Dee Sanction: Adventures print edition!

If you haven’t got in on the crowdfunding yet, Adventures gathers all five current adventures plus a stretch goal sixth—In Fertile Soil—into a perfect-bound format with brand new art from Evlyn Moreau. For £8 plus shipping, you get a 48-page print copy.

Or, if you time it right, at 2PM on Sunday (September 12) we will release the last ten Distinguished Agents—offering you the last hardcover Core Rules from the original Kickstarter AND the print edition of Adventures for £25 plus shipping.

So, you have about five days left to grab one, the other, or both!

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